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BYLINES is an online publication and public-access archival repository, offering expert analysis on wide variety of issues for academic and public audiences alike. BYLINES is a neutral platform aiming to promote harmonious coexistence between people of different ideologies and faiths and aims to contribute to both Inter and Intra-communal harmony. BYLINES stands against deep social and political polarization and communalization and offers its readers pabulum for reflection on diverse fields including ideology, politics, history, science, culture and art.

As it is said telephone did not come into existence from the persistent improvement of the postcards.  Any change or growth is possible only through creating alternatives that are high above and beyond the existing structure. By giving space to thoughts that have the potential to change the social norms, BYLINES intend to create a culture of tolerance and inclusion by learning to unlearn and exploring new ways of understanding and research. BYLINES is the brainchild of few people who firmly believe that it is rain, not thunder that brings out the flower.

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